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    The mission of the Adopt-An-Alleyway (AAA) Youth Project is to have high school students monitor and organize clean-ups to beautify Chinatowns forty-one (41) alleyways, provide services to the Chinatown community, and to help these youth develop leadership skills.

    Upcoming Events

    July 5, 4:30pm - 4:30pm:General Meeting - 777 Broadway Street

    July 13, 9:30am - 12:00pm:Cleanup! - 655 Clay Street

    July 17, 4:30pm - 6:00pm:Tenant Services - 655 Clay Street

    July 24, 4:30pm - 6:00pm:Tenant Services -777 Broadway Street

    July 28, 11:30- 3:00pm:Super Sunday - 950 Clay Street

  • Meet the Cabinet Members of 2011-2012

    Annie Huang, President

    12th Grade

    Hi! My name is Annie Huang. I am currently a senior from Galileo High School. I am the President of Adopt-an-Alleyway this year. My job as a President is to facilitate meetings along with the Vice President, Edwin Chen. You can ALWAYS come find me if you have ANY questions. ANY QUESTIONS. Okay, I'll end now, save my words for when you come to talk to me! =)

    Edwin Chen, Vice President

    12th Grade

    Eric Wu, Co-Secretary

    12th Grade

    Carrie Ng, Co-Secretary

    11th Grade

    HEY! Im Carrie Ng for those reading this. I go to Galileo Academy of Science. Im one of the Co-Secretarys of AAA and my job is to remind members to come to our events and I update DCYF for those who volunteer to get hours. I've been in AAA for 4 years and I was always a general member until JR year. Being in Cabinet i learned a lot that I would never perdict that would happen such as the leadership skills im gaining and how to be organized and planning. Its really fun, I've also met alot of people on the way

    Kimberly Liang, Media Liason

    11th Grade

    Hey guys! My name's Kimberly Liang and i am currently a junior at Galileo HighSchool.This year i am the Media Liason for the 2011-2012 school year. I Doucement the events,update the website and also take pictures. Come join us at our events! Promise it'll be fun(:

    Jenny Huang, Social Chair

    12th Grade

    Hi! My name is Jenny. I'm currently the social chair. My duties are planning bonding events for AAA youth and alumni such as Holiday Party, BBQ, General Retreat and many more fun/exciting events. Being in this position helps me gain leadership skills and realizing what are my strengths and weaknesses. In AAA, I felt warmth from our coordinators and youths which make me felt like AAA is my second family. Come join our SUPER DUPER events such as tenant service, clean and SUPER Sunday!:D AAA will always welcomes you and you will discover many fascinating things about us and the Chinatown community.

    Simon Zhang, Cabinet Leader

    11th Grade

    Hello, I'm Simon Zhang. I am a junior currently attending Lowell High School. In AAA, I serve as a cabinet leader. My job is to assist the main roles of cabinet in their responsibilities and to voice the ideas of all general members during out meetings. So please tell me any ideas that you would like to discuss with me or ANY OTHER CABINET LEADERS.

    Michelle Zhang, Cabinet Leader

    12th Grade

    My name is Michelle Zhang and I am currently a cabinet leader. My job is to greet general members and assist in leading events. I'm here to answer your question so feel free to ask me anything if you see me at an event!

    Vivian Ng, Cabinet Leader

    12th Grade

    Hey! My name is Vivian Ng and I am a senior at Galileo. This year I joined cabinet and as a cabinet leader, I help lead and plan events. Leading and planning events has really helped me become more confident in speaking in public and it has helped me understand the reasons behind why we do any event.

    Delan Tham, Cabinet Leader

    11th Grade

    Kali Situ, Cabinet Leader

    12th Grade

    HEYOOOO! Name's Kali Situ. Although I've only been involved with AAA for a short period of time, I'll be serving as a Cabinet Leader this year. Despite my lack of experience, I'll try my best to contribute in any way and devote my time to this program. As cabinet leader, I assist in the organization of events... actually, I don't really have a defined role. I'm pretty sure I just help out whenever it's needed, which I'm perfectly fine with. :-D I've grown really fond of this organization already, mainly because of the friendly atmosphere. I've met some WEEYONDURFUL people. Ah fudge! I'll have to cut it short. It's happening again... it's only a matter of time unti-... meow Meoww MEEOWWW. AHAHAA I'm kidding of course. I look forward to a great year with everyone. Let's make magic happen! LA MAGIE! C: Don't be a stranger. APPROACH ME! APPROACH ME DARN IT!

  • Meet the Cabinet Members of 2010-2011

    Erick Jung, President

    12th Grade

    Hey Guys, I'm Erick and am currently a senior at Galileo High School. This year my position on Cabinet is President. As President, I will be the one facilitating General Meeting and Cabinet Meeting along with the Vice President, Steven Mah. Before President, I was a Cabinet Leader that led the events and helped out cabinet, so being President this year is a whole new level. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask any Cabinet member, and they'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

    Steven Mah, Vice President

    12th Grade

    Hey everybody, I'm Steven and I'm a senior from SI. If you guys didn't know, SI is a private school out in Sunset right by Lowell. There aren't a lot of private school kids in AAA (I might even be the only one), but that hasn't stopped me from falling in love with AAA and taking part in all the events, and this year, I became Vice-President. In a nutshell, I have the same responsibilities as the President as well as those of the other members of Cabinet. I work closely with everybody and basically go where I'm needed to make AAA the best it can be. I like to think I'm a pretty chill guy, so if you guys ever need anything or have any questions, don't hesitate to come and talk to me. I don't want to talk too much, so I'll just end it here. I hope I'll see all of you at our AAA events. Peace.

    Roger Qiu, Co-Secretary

    12th Grade

    Hey everyone, if you don't already know me, I'm Roger. This year I'm one of the co-secretaries (along with Nancy) for AAA, and that means I do A LOT of writing. My main duties are to take attendance, write notes during meetings and send you guys emails for upcoming events. Feel free to come to every event if you can (and bring your friends)! You guys can ask whenever about the details to future AAA events or just to say hi haha. Other than being secretary, I'm just a typical dude who likes to volunteer with friends!

    Nancy Chen, Co-Secretary

    12th Grade

    Hi! I'm Nancy, and I'm one of your co-secretaries! Basically, I help send out those awesome e-mails you guys get, with the colorful letters and such, as well as take attendance and notes. I also manage the roster, which is why I might come up to you and ask you for your info. (: But no worries; it won't be misused! Just don't be freaked out if I come up to you just to say hi! :D

    Michelle Zhang, Publicity Chair

    11th Grade

    Hey Guys ! I'm Michelle and a junior at Galileo Academy. I've been involved with AAA since my freshman year and am now your publicity chair for the 2010-2011 school year. I update this very website you're on right now so check it out more often and I organize the yearly newsletter. Get more involved in the program and you'll learn to love it like the rest of us. Hit us up for more info. Dueces !

    Calvin Trang, Community Building Chair

    12th Grade

    Hey my name is Calvin Trang and I'm a senior at Galileo. I'm going to be your Community Building Chair for 2010-2011. My job as Community Building Chair is pretty much organizing the icebreakers and announcing the birthdays for each general meeting. Also since I'm part of Cabinet I'll be doing other things such as facilitating and leading events. Well I think that pretty much the general idea of what I do, I hope we have fun this coming year.

    James Ng, Outreach Chair

    12th Grade

    Hello everyone! This will be my third year at adopt-an-alleyway. This has become a very close second family to me, and as the outreach chair this year, I hope to get more people like YOU to join our family so that you can have the fun we have!

    Edwin Chen, Social Chair

    11th Grade

    Hey guys. My name is Edwin and I'm your Social Chair. What do I do? Well throughout the year I plan the 3 big events, like the Annual Holiday Party, BBQ and General Retreat. Well I also plan bonding events and other cool activities. If you have a new idea or something special you want to do, holla up at me or my number and we'll talk. Fosho Fosho. Don't worry I don't bite, I'm friendly who likes to make new friends and try new things. Hm... something about myself: me+lack of sleep+basketball+biking+running+staying out late+watching drama+music=life. Aite that's about it, so come check us out. Coolio, peaceout ^_^ Y

    Kevin Chui, Cabinet Leader

    12th Grade

    Hi AAA, my name is Kevin Chui and i am one of your cabinet leaders for this year. As Cabinet Leader, i help out cabinet and am supposed to represent general members. So if any of you have any concerns, you can let me know and i will bring it up during cabinet meetings.

  • Meet the Cabinet Members of 2009-2010

    Jane Xiao, President

    12th Grade

    Hello! My name is Jane and I am currently a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School. I have been a part of Adopt-An-Alleyway since my freshman year. For this school year, my position on Cabinet is President, which means that you'll see me facilitating (talking a lot) during one of our General Meetings =). Otherwise, at some events, I might just ask you to do me some favors, which are just small tasks. If you have questions or concerns you can come talk to me! It doesn't have to be related to Adopt-An-Alleyway for you to talk to me either. Have a good day/night and see you at our next event!

    Simon Li, Co-Secretary

    12th Grade

    Oi Oi! If you don't know, I'm Simon. This year I happen to be the Vice President. What do I do? Well, pretty much whatever Janey does. (So read what she does and you will know). I help her as well as other Cabinets on different tasks. One more thing, I don't believe in giving out too much info about myself over the internet, so if you have any questions about me, make sure you are at one of our events and personally ask me! Don't worry, I don't bite. I only chew with much much LUFF.

    Anna Liu, Co-Secretary

    12th Grade

    Hey peoples! This is Anna, one of the super-cool secretaries of AAA. You'll often find me taking attendance at events and minutes at meetings. Don't be suspicious if I come up and ask for your info (don't worry I won't stalk you! :D) or just coming to say aloha! I also grace you with my awesome email reminders for announcements or events happening that is a must go! Along with that, I manage the AAA yahoogroup so that ya'll can even receive the emails as well as manage the AAA roster. Quick shout-out to AAA! Woohoo! :D

    Ivan Tham, Co-Secretary

    12th Grade

    Hi Everyone! Anna and I are your co-secretaries for the 2009-10 term. Our main duties are to alternate between (1) taking the minutes for the meetings, (2) taking attendance at the events, (3) sending out e-mails, (4) managing the calendar and roster and Yahoo Group, and (5) making the sign-in sheets. Being in this program has helped me gain a much deserved appreciation for the Chinatown community, which is one of the reasons I ran for this position. Hopefully your time with us will have a similar effect on you, and you'll not see AAA as simply a source of "hours" for your college application but as a provider of much-needed services to a unique community and a place where fun times are often had. Come check us out at the next event. You'll see what I mean!

    Diana Lin, Publicity Chair

    12th Grade

    Hi everyone, my name is Diana Lin. I am a senior at Galileo Academy. I am currently the Publicity Chair of AAA for the 2009-2010 school year. As a Publicity Chair, I am to manage the AAA website and create our annual newsletter. As a Cabinet member, I help guide the members and lead our fun events. Come join us at our monthly General Meetings and learn more about AAA. woot! AAA is the best! =]

    Nelly Liang, Community Building Chair

    12th Grade

    My name is Nelly Liang and I'm a senior at Galileo Academy. I'm the Community Building Chair for the 2009-2010 Cabinet of Adopt-An-Alleyway. My job as the Community Building Chair is to announce the birthdays of each month during general meeting. I'm also responsible for coordinating the ice breakers for general meeting. Being a Cabinet member, I also take part in facilitating and leading events that occur throughout the month.

    Becky Cho, Outreach Chair

    12th Grade

    Hello! I am Becky Cho and I would like to let you know that by joining Adopt-an-Alleyway I had the opportunity to be part of a larger family. I have been in AAA for the past three years. From being a cabinet leader to a community building chair, I have enjoyed sweeping alleyways with different people as well as learning new things with SRO seniors. I have also gained a bunch of little friends ranging from all ages. Currently, I am the Outreach chair and would like to outreach for more youths like you to join our family and spread our AAA family love, so come hither and join our family!

    Adrienne Tran, Social Chair

    12th Grade

    Hey guys. My name is Adrienne and I'm your Social Chair. I organize social events like the annual Holiday Party and General Retreat. I also plan bonding events, so if you ever have any off da' chain ideas (parties? scavenger hunts? relay races?) drop me a line and let's make 'em work! I definitely think joining AAA was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've met so many incredibly ahh-mazing people and have become inspired to take ownership in this fantastic community advocacy project to empower Chinatown. I hope you see you at one of our events so you can be ah-mazed too!

    Wendy Chen, Cabinet Leader

    12th Grade

    Hola, I'm Wendy Chen, and I'm a cabinet leader here. I help out with cabinet members and meet general members like you. (Duhh.) Anyways, if you want to chill and have a cool time, check us out. Coolio. Hola, I'm Wendy Chen, and I'm a cabinet leader here. I help out with cabinet members and meet general members like you. (Duhh.) Anyways, if you want to chill and have a cool time, check us out. Coolio.

    Kevin Cho, Cabinet Leader

    12th Grade

    God, this is hard. Hm... a little bit about myself. I've been in AAA for three years since sophomore year. I love the feeling of volunteering and knowing that I make a change in my community gives me a lot of pride. I'm a senior at Lowell. AAA has changed my life and impacted me as the person I am today. As Cabinet Leader, I don't do much because I'm lazy, but I help everyone as much as I am. I lead events with others and play the role of a sidekick. Haha hm... random facts about me: me+basketball+running+biking=life. My nickname is Kobe.

    Kevin Chui

    12th Grade

    I like to have fun and be helpful to others when I can. I went to Galileo High School and didn't take school very seriously as I got mainly B's and A's. As a cabinet leader, my role is to help cabinet whenever needed (which includes being on point for events, helping out with S.M.A.R.T. goals). I am also getting some experience of what cabinet is like to help prepare me for any positions I may run for. A lesson I've learned in life is DON'T PLAY MAPLE STORY!!!!!! IT'S BAD FOR YOU!!

    Helen Hou, Cabinet Leader

    12th Grade

    My name is Helen Hou, and this year I am a cabinet leader for the 2009-2010 year. As a cabinet leader, I take basically the same basic roles that other members with different positions will have, such as participating in the planning process of events or leading the events. Different tasks given are not directly assigned to cabinet leaders, so I partake in a little bit of everything, which allows me to have a wide gauge of various activities or projects. I do my best to insert my input and thoughts into the organizational parts as well as assume my job on the day of the events. All of this may appear dry and monotonous, but the process is actually extremely enthralling and interesting because I can see various viewpoints of the group that are often times intriguing and new. I thoroughly enjoy contributing my time to this youth group and cannot imagine spending my time giving back to the community anywhere else. This empowering organization is incredibly special, and there is nothing quite like it!

    Harriet Hu, Cabinet Leader/h4>

    12th Grade

    Heyo pretty ladies and gents! My name is Harriet, and I'm your Cabinet leader this year. It's basically a title for 'I answer questions and help organize events.' A pretty packed name, eh? Actually, it's pretty simple since we have YOUR help. Come visit us at our next event, and we'll fill you in on more deets!

    Erick, Cabinet Leader

    11th Grade

    Before joining Cabinet, I was just a General Member and I felt like a robot. Every time there's an event, I would go to it and do as expected, but after I was selected to be a Cabinet Leader, I had the opportunity to lead the events and also plan out what activities can be played at the events. Cabinet Leaders are here to help other Cabinet Members and help lead events. As a Cabinet Member, I am now more aware of Chinatown's issues and why it needs attention. I am also learning and improving leaderships skills throughout my years in Cabinet.

  • Events

    Tenant Services

    Tenant Services take place on the 3rd and 4th Wednesday of the month at two different SRO locations in Chinatown. Through engaging activities, we try to bridge the generation gap between the youth and elderly in Chinatown. Because seniors are often restricted within the Chinatown community by language barriers and physical limitations, we play a a wide range of activities spanning from karaoke to Majhong.

    Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm, 3rd & 4th Wednesday of the month

    Locations: Bayside (777 Broadway St.); Youth Center (655 Clay St.)


    AAA program was born through monthly cleanups! Every month our youth go out in Chinatown alleyways to do a sweep of the neglected parts of SF's most populated neighborhood. Because the City doesn't count alleyways as streets, since they do not meet the 32ft. requirement, our young leaders serve as the alleys' caretakers.

    Time: 10am-12pm, 2nd Saturday of the month

    Location: 655 Clay St. 10am.

    Super Sunday

    Feeling a tad down? Then come to Super Sunday to hang out with some kids and relieve the stress. Many SRO youth come to Gordon J. Lau once every last Sunday of the month to have fun and play games while their parents are at a meeting learning about their rights. Instead of cooping SRO youth up at home, AAA leaders spend the day to take care of children.

    Time: 11am-3pm, Last Sunday of the month

    Location: Gordon J. Lau

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  • Awards We've Won

    -Certificate of Honor from the City and County of San Francisco 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008

    -Certificate of Honor from Board of Supervisors for Youth 1997, 2000, 2006, 2008

    -Certificate of Honor from the Office of Assessor-Recorder of the City and County of San Francisco 2006

    -California Legislature Asembly Recognition 2007

    -Crissy Field Center Community Heroes Award 2007(Video)

    -Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Children Youth & Their Families 2000, 2006

    -Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Children Youth & Their Families 2000, 2006

    -Certificate of Appreciation from The City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Works 2008

    -San Francisco Beautiful Award 2000

    -Friends of the Urban Forest nomination for the Emily Prettyman Lowell Award 1997

    Media Coverage

    -13th Annual Workathon(Singtao and World Journal)

  • History

    This project started in 1991 by Reverend Norman Fong, a member of the Chinatown Community Development Center, and a Chinatown advocate, where he recruited high school youths to help him on his quest to beautify the alleyways in San Francisco's Chinatown. Back in the 1980s, the City of San Francisco did not officially recognize alleyways as city streets, so nothing was done. While graffiti and trash poured relentlessly over Chinatown's alleyways, Reverend Fong decided to start the project. As of 2007, alleyways are still not considered a street because they do not meet the 32ft width requirement, although other alleyways outside of Chinatown are. Presently, AAA has expanded to three events: Super Sunday, Cleanup, and Tenant Services.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Adopt-An-Alleyway (AAA) Youth Project is to have high school students monitor and organize clean-ups to beautify Chinatowns forty-one (41) alleyways, provide services to the Chinatown community, and to help these youth develop leadership skills.

    AAA Constitution

    Click here to download our constitution.



    Sponsoring Organizations

    Chinatown Community Development Center

    The Mission of the Chinatown Community Development Center is to build community and enhance the quality of life for San Francisco residents. Based in the Chinatown neighborhood, Chinatown CDC also serves other San Francisco neighborhoods, including North Beach and the Tenderloin. We are a community development organization with many roles, serving as neighborhood advocates, organizers, planners, as developers and managers of affordable housing.

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